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Why Consider Touchless Plumbing Products

Many of us have utilized touchless plumbing products at a restaurant or office building. It is one of the most recent advances in plumbing. The hands-free faucets and flushometers have built-in sensors that detect when a user is near and automatically turn the water on and off or flush a toilet. Rely on our plumbers in St. Petersburg, FL to install touchless plumbing fixtures in your home.

Why Go Touchless?

The benefits of touchless plumbing fixtures are:

1. Contamination – Germs are everywhere, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. They are easily transmitted on faucets and toilet handles.

2. Convenience – There is no need to turn the faucet on and off or worry about running faucets. Children are primary candidates for the easy use of a touchless system because they don’t have to reach the handles.

3. Environmentally & Budget-Friendly – It conserves water. There is no possibility of leaving the water running while washing hands, shaving, or brushing your teeth.  The sensor automatically shuts off the water. A touchless system also causes less wear on the fixture and its components.

4. Modern Aesthetic – You will enjoy the look of having a futuristic, eye-catching touchless faucet or toilet in your home.

5. Less Maintenance – Cleaning the handles, replacing worn or damaged moving pieces, and even replacing the entire fixture can be much simpler. A single component instead of three separate fixture elements (two handles and a spout) makes maintenance much easier.

6. Safety – Fixed temperature settings on hands-free faucets protect you and your loved ones from mistakes that cause burns to more sensitive hands.  Touchless fixtures also allow you to do complimentary necessary things while the water is running – like holding the pan under the faucet.

Touchless Plumbing Options

Touchless kitchen faucets have multiple sensors, increasing their accuracy. The best touchless faucets contain dual sensors over the spout – one on top of the arc, started by a wave of your hand, and the second sensor right below which is initiated when you place your hand under the faucet. The sensors need a power supply to operate. There are two choices when it comes to the power supply: the battery or one that plugs into an outlet under the sink.

Touchless bathroom faucets allow you to regulate the water temperature on a temperature mixing valve placed under the sink according to your preference. The device is powered by either 4 AA batteries or 4 C batteries depending on the brand but can also be plugged into an outlet under the sink.

Touchless toilets are two-piece and use 1.28 gallons per flush. It contains a motion sensor that stimulates the toilet to flush when a person moves away from the fixture. The sensor is battery-operated; however, the battery’s life is up to 300,000 flushes.

The Clean Plumbers install touchless plumbing fixtures and have the experience of serving your neighbors on both sides of the bay since 1982. The Clean Plumbers, The One with the Bubbles on the Trucks!

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