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Water Testing in Tampa, FL

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Do you know what exactly is in your home’s water? You might be surprised to learn that there are things such as minerals or impurities in your water supply. At The Clean Plumbers, our water testing services will help you determine what’s in your home’s water and what can be done about it. We offer a wide range of whole house water purification systems that’ll combat the impurities in your water.

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At The Clean Plumbers, we provide accurate, up-front pricing so you’ll know all your options and the exact amount before the work even begins.

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Well Water Testing

If your home’s source of water is from a ground well, regular well water testing is crucial. Because your water isn’t going through a municipal water treatment plant, it runs the risk of contamination by impurities from seepage. You can count on The Clean Plumbers for accurate and timely well water testing in Tampa, FL.

Water Quality Testing

Our water testing will help us determine what’s exactly in your water. We’ll test for pH levels, water hardness, and the presence of pesticides and chemicals. You can rely on our findings about the best way to treat your water.

Water Testing

When we perform water testing, we’ll take water samples from different parts of your home and then send them to a lab. Then we’ll share the report that tells us what’s in your water and help you make decisions about how to proceed based on what we find.

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