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On-Demand Water Heaters in Tampa, FL

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On-demand water heaters (also known as tankless water heaters) are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Because they’re not working 24/7 to keep a supply of hot water at the ready, they use a lot less energy than traditional tank water heaters. At The Clean Plumbers, we’ve been installing tankless water heaters across Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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What Is an On-Demand Water Heater?

On-demand water heaters are true to their names: they heat water on demand. Compared to traditional water heaters that are prone to the wear and tear that comes from keeping a tank of hot water ready 24/7, on-demand water heaters use a lot less energy.

Types of On-Demand Water Heaters

You’ll need to choose between a gas and electric on-demand water heater. If your home has access to a natural gas line and the size of the unit isn’t a concern (gas units are about 30% bigger than electric ones), a gas water heater will work well in your home. For homeowners without a natural gas line, an electric on-demand water heater is a great choice.

On-Demand Water Heater Installation

Do you want to make the switch from a tank to a tankless water heater? Installation should only be left to a professional plumbing contractor with extensive experience with on-demand water heater installation. That’s us! For more than 40 years, we’ve been installing tankless water heaters in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas. Whether you want a gas or electric on-demand water heater, we’ve got you covered.

On-Demand Water Heater Repair

Even tankless water heaters are prone to incurring wear and tear and need the occasional repair and maintenance every now and then. If you’re experiencing a decrease in water pressure, aren’t receiving any hot water, or notice something amiss, call us promptly for on-demand water heater repair. Just like your tankless water heater, we’re available 24/7.

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