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gary eddins's Profile Image
gary eddins, This week

Did a very good job. The cost of this job was a little high but he did a very good job.

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Robert Boileau, This week

Your Plumber, Anthony, was very courteous, professional, and pleasant. He did a fine job of the annual inspection of my home's plumbing.

Anthony also quickly flushed my water heater at my request, that was installed by your company a year or so ago. He also showed us how to flush it ourselves and recommended that it be done every six months, or at a minimum, annually.

He also inspected our kitchen sink's hot water faucet that was sporadically making anwful loud noise when in use. He showed me that the threads were stripped on that faucet, so needed to be replaced with a new faucet, which I approved and he installed while here as fortunately he the part in his truck.

I was extremely pleased with Anthony and his work. Thank you.

Robert L. Boileau

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Darwin Jackson, This week

Called Mike R. to repair a jammed garbage disposer. He was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. He fixed our problem efficiently and we are impressed with his skill. Shoutout to the Clean Plumbers for sending him to us.

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Michele Williams, This week
Veva Scott's Profile Image
Veva Scott, This week

David was early and ready to work. We had three areas of work needed and he was able to complete it all in one visit! Thank you!!

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Karen Ducatte, This week

We were very impressed with Malone. He was punctual and very knowledgeable. He fixed our problem almost immediately. We would definitely recommend Malone and The Clean Plumbers to anyone needing a plumber.

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Estela Cannella, This week
Janie Stifler's Profile Image
Janie Stifler, Last week
Brian's Profile Image
Brian, Last week

Mike R was a very knowledgeable technician and did a professional job in my home! Highly recommended

Darrielle Hardge's Profile Image
Darrielle Hardge, Last week

Noel provided efficient and effective service. Also was very knowledgeable, would definitely recommend.

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