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How to Tell You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line


The sewer line is an essential part of any home’s plumbing system. Freshwater enters through the water main, and wastewater and solid waste exit through the sewer line. If the sewer line becomes clogged, broken, or decayed, it will quickly make for an unlivable home.

You want to move fast if you need to have a sewer replacement in Tampa. But although sewer line troubles are eventually catastrophic, they often start with smaller warning signs. If you know what to look for and some important facts about your sewer line, you can act fast to have our professionals do a line replacement before the serious trouble starts. 

We’ve put together a list of the most common signs you’ve got a sewer line in trouble.

The age of the sewer line

You can take the most proactive steps to prevent sewer line trouble by having the line replaced as soon as you know it’s over its usual life expectancy. If your sewer line was put in before the 1970s, then it’s likely made of either galvanized steel or cast iron—and it’s already out of date. We recommend scheduling a sewer line inspection with our team so we can advise you if it’s time to put in a new line.

Multiple clogged drains and toilets

A single clogged drain or toilet is usually a basic problem with a drainpipe obstruction. But when more than one drain or toilet becomes clogged or slow-draining at once, it means there’s something wrong deeper down in the drainage system. It could be blocked drain vents, but a damaged sewer line is a major possibility—especially for an older home. Have plumbers look into the drainage issue right away to see what’s causing it.

Gurgling from drains

Water goes down the drains in your home, and then you hear a gurgling sound like air bubbles coming up through the water. In fact, that’s probably exactly what it is: sewer gas pushed the wrong direction through the water in the drainpipe. This often warns that the sewer line is obstructed and causing sewer gas to move the wrong direction. If this is happening at the same time as clogging, the problem is an immediate one that needs the attention of a plumber.

Foul odors on the lawn or from the drains

A common sign that the sewer line has burst or is leaking is if soggy, foul-smelling patches appear on your property. You may also detect similar odors coming from the drains, which is the sewer gas getting pushed up through the drainpipes from a blockage. 

Bright green grass

That lush green patch of grass may be a pretty shade, but it’s also a warning: a high level of nutrients is seeping up from below, and that means a broken sewer line. You can check where your sewer line is buried to determine if this green patch is over it. 

It always pays to call professionals to use tools like video pipe inspection equipment to determine exactly what’s wrong. Our plumbers will quickly ascertain the issue with your sewer line and if it calls for a replacement.

Contact The Clean Plumbers when you think you may need service for your sewer line. The one with the bubbles on the trucks. 

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