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Top 4 Signs You Need to Schedule Sewer Cleaning


The idea of sewer cleaning isn’t a pleasant one. The good news is that you don’t actually have to do the job yourself. Only professional plumbers have the tools to thoroughly clean the sewer line that runs from your home out to the municipal sewer system.

The tricky part for you is recognizing when you need to have your sewer cleaned. You can’t see your home’s sewer line (thank goodness), so how can you tell when it’s become excessively dirty and clogged?

We’re glad you asked! Below we’ve put together a list of the four major signs that it’s time to reach out to us to schedule your sewer line cleaning. We offer high-quality drain and sewer cleaning in Tampa, FL, and we promise you’ll enjoy a super “clean” customer experience. That’s important when it comes to a job like sewer cleaning, but we’re adamant about leaving no mess behind us!

#1. Clogged and slow drains all around the house

A single clogged or slow drain is probably a local issue. But when you have simultaneous clogged and slow drains around your home, that means the problem is located deeper down in the sewer system, likely in the sewer line itself. You’ll notice drains lower in the house clogging up first—don’t let it keep spreading, because you may soon have sewage coming the wrong direction up the drains!

#2. Gurgling sounds from the drains

When you finish pouring water down one of the drains, do you hear a gurgling sound? This usually means that sewer gas is percolating up through the water caught in the p-trap. This will only occur if some force is pushing the gas the wrong direction. This could be due to problems with the drain vents, but it’s also a possible warning that the sewer line is clogged. If the gurgling is happening in more than one drain, call us right away.

#3. Sewer odors in the house

A hard to miss problem, and one you’ll want to correct as soon as you can! If the sewer line is too dirty, it will push sewer gas back up through the drain pipes (the source of the gurgling sound we just talked about). If you detect this coming from only a single drain, it may be due to a dry p-trap. Run water down the drain for a minute and this will correct the problem. Otherwise, you may need sewer line service right away.

#4. Weird behavior from bathroom fixtures

What counts as weird behavior? If you flush the toilet, does water bubble up from the drain in the shower or bathtub? Yes, that’s weird—but the reason it happens is because obstructions down in the sewer system are forcing wastewater back up the drains. Because the shower/bathtub drain is lower than the toilet, the water will go there first. Call for plumbers to see what’s happening and if you need to have the sewer line cleaned.

You can depend on us for a great sewer cleaning with no mess!

Call The Clean Plumbers—The one with the bubbles on the trucks.

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