Why Hire a Master Plumber?

Depending on your level of skill, you may be a homeowner with the confidence and experience to tackle simple plumbing problems.  If that’s the case, you may save yourself a few dollars handling a DIY project.  Over the years the expert plumbers at The Clean Plumbers have been called on to fix hundreds of DIY projects that turned sour.  Often times, a poorly handled DIY project ends up costing the homeowner more than if they had just hired a professional to begin with.

Here are some excellent reasons why it may be in your best interest to hire a professionally licensed plumber:

  1. Experience – Master Plumbers have a wealth of experience learned over years of practicing the profession. Plumbers don’t achieve the status of “Master Plumber” until they have passed a series of examinations, learned how to adhere to all state plumbing codes and regulations, and have experienced every conceivable plumbing problem.  They have become versed in the proper use of all types of plumbing tools, piping materials, including gas lines, sewer, water and drain systems.  All of these systems work together, and a licensed plumber understands this completely.
  2. Background Checks & Safety – All licensed plumbers undergo extensive background checks prior to receiving their license. This includes a criminal background check so you can be assured the person you are allowing to enter your home is not only qualified to do the job properly, they’re also safe.  It’s always a good idea to ask to see your plumbers license.  Professional plumbers understand this and are more than willing to share their accreditations with customers.
  3. Insured – Licensed plumbers are insured. At times plumbing work can be taxing or even dangerous.  Depending on the job being performed, plumbers are exposed to heat, cold, and host of agents ranging from dirt to chemicals.  Should your plumber be injured on the job, knowing that they have insurance protects you from any legal or medical claims.
  4. Get it Right the First Time – Master Plumbers know how to identify and isolate plumbing problems without wasting your time. Professionally licensed plumbers charge fair prices and know how to get the job done in a timely manner without causing additional damage.  You have the piece of mind knowing that all the materials and the work itself is done to current plumbing codes.

Regardless of the project or emergency, you should always verify the licensing of the plumber you hire.  In Tampa and the surrounding area, rest assured that The Clean Plumbers will meet and exceed all of your expectations by providing you with well trained, experienced, licensed plumbers for any plumbing need.