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Leaky Faucet?  Burst Pipe?  Water Heater Problems?

Typically, when a plumbing problem occurs, it is sudden and causes stress and frustration.  Nothing is as unnerving as water spraying out of a burst pipe or water pooling around your feet!  Outside of shutting off the water, you have no idea how to fix it.  If you have a trusted plumbing professional to contact, you are ahead of the game.  If not, our first instinct is to run to the computer, look for a plumber, and call the first one we see.  Don’t panic and call just any plumber to fix your problem.  This could turn into a disaster!  If the work is not done correctly, small issues can turn into major problems and expensive repairs.  With numerous plumbing companies to choose from, how do you find a reputable professional?  Here are some tips when searching for and choosing an emergency plumber to contact.

Look at their website. 

Websites provide a wealth of information.  Prior to making a phone call, check the website for the following:

  • Are they licensed? In the state of Florida, plumbing contractors must be licensed to work in the profession.  If they are not licensed, they have not met the minimum competency requirements to work in the industry. Do not contact an unlicensed plumber.
  • Are they insured? A reputable plumber will be insured in the event of a mishap, protecting you and your property.
  • How long have they been in business? Plumbers that have been in business for over 10 years typically have a proven track record of providing quality services.  They have the experience, knowledge and skill level to perform plumbing repairs.
  • Do they have any reviews? Consumers are accustomed to leaving reviews and feedback on line.  Many plumbers will have reviews right on their websites.  If the website does not have reviews, go to Google and type in the business name, or the business name with the word review after it.  What are customers saying?  Look for feedback regarding cost, workmanship, efficiency, professionalism etc. Are the reviews good or bad?  If bad, move on.
  • Who will be coming to your home? Does the website contain any information about the technicians?  Do they clean up before they leave your home?  The professional coming to your home should be highly trained, licensed and drug free.  You don’t want a mess left behind.
  • Are they transparent about their rates? You don’t want any surprises.  Look for a professional that provides up front pricing.  This way you will know all your options and the exact amount before the job is done.
  • Do they guarantee your satisfaction? Satisfaction should be 100% guaranteed.  Do they say this in their website?
  • Do they provide 24 Hour Service and Repair? This is critical in an emergency.  You want your emergency handled quickly and effectively 24 hours day, 7 days a week.
  • Are the phones answered by a live rep? Some websites specifically state if the phones are answered by live service reps.  If so, you will not need to deal with an answering machine or a series of automated prompts.  You will be in contact with a professional immediately.

Prequalifying plumbers prior to making a phone call is the best way to ensure that you will be contacting a good plumber to do the job.  Once you have completed some research, you are ready to make contact.  Here are some tips on questions to ask?

When can they arrive at your home?

Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies typically occur in the evening, on a weekend or over a holiday.  If you have a severe leak, a delayed response time can cause severe damage to your home and potentially thousands in repairs while you are waiting for them to arrive.  You will want to know their availability right away.

Do they provide arrival updates?

Arrival updates have become commonplace in todays market.  Your time is valuable.  Updates on your plumber’s arrival time help ensure you are not wasting your day wondering when – or if – the plumber is going to show up.

How much will it cost to fix the problem?

You need an estimate of the cost prior to the completion of the job.  You want to look for an affordable emergency plumber.  You don’t want to wind up with costs that you were not prepared for.

Taking the time to qualify plumbers can be time consuming, but it is the best way to ensure you are contacting the right plumber for your emergency.  The professionals at The Clean Plumber know how disruptive plumbing problems can be to your life. Our business is built on helping you get past your plumbing emergency quickly and effectively, so you can get on with what’s important to you.  Contact us today!