Re-piping Services

Are you and your family at risk from your clean water supply?
Are you tired of patching leaky pipes?
Is your drinking water starting to look and smell funny?
Is your water pressure less than desirable?

If you answer yes to these questions, you need re-piping services.

Call The Clean Plumbers to inspect your current plumbing system and provide re-piping services if needed. Plumbing pipes travel throughout your entire home or business, leaks can happen anywhere along the lines.  When a pipe or a valve develops a leak, a potential hazard arises that may impact your health and prove to be something disastrous to your home or business.  Re-piping is the process of replacing your water lines in your home or business.  Whether your pipes require minimal repair work or replacement, the professional plumbers at The Clean Plumbers specialize in 24/7 emergency re-piping service and repairs and will get your life back to normal as soon as possible.


What are the signs that it’s time to upgrade your plumbing with re-piping services?

re-piping services
  • Water Discoloration – Discolored water is a reason for concern, brown or dark water is corrosion in your pipes leaving rust as the water runs through your pipes. Mineral deposits can clog pipes, which build pressure and eventually burst causing massive water damage. If you suspect rust or corrosion your plumbing needs immediate attention.
  • Pipe Material- Depending on the year of your home several types materials were used for your plumbing system. Modern systems use brass, copper and PVC and each has its own life expectancy. Older systems used galvanized steel, lead and cast-iron pipes and each of these have their own life expectancy and some of the old systems are long past their life expectancy. Lead pipes and rust in pipes are a serious health concern that should not be taken lightly. Most cities moved away from using lead water-supply piping by the 1920’s in the US, although lead pipes were approved by national plumbing codes into the 1980’s and lead was used in plumbing solder for drinking water until it was banned in 1986. Small Particles in lead pipes can end up in your drinking water.
  • Low Water Pressure – When you and your family experience low water pressure whether while taking a shower or in other areas of your house it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem. Low water pressure can be caused by a clog, a leak or small pin holes. Leaks can cause foundation, framing and dry wall problems causing mold growth. Not to mention a burst pipe can cause massive damage.

Contact The Clean Plumber for Expert Re-Piping Services

Call us Now: For over 35 years, the residential and business community here in Tampa Florida have entrusted The Clean Plumbers for all their plumbing, drain and sewer needs. We are on time and get the job done right. Our mission is to leave you thoroughly satisfied and exceed your expectations.

Our Commitment to You

As your residential plumber in the Tampa area, we pledge to provide you with the following benefits when you schedule our services:

  • Upfront and fair pricing: This way, you will know all of your options and the exact amount before we do the job - no surprises.
  • You will also receive a comprehensive quote before we begin work. We won’t surprise you with any hidden costs.
  • Prompt response time: We understand that you have a busy schedule, so we provide plumbers that arrive on time and work efficiently.
  • Guaranteed services: We back all our services with a guarantee to ensure your repair or installation lasts.
  • Emergency response: If you experience an emergency, you can call on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a rapid response.
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