While plumbing can certainly be complex, the fact is the reason plumbing works at all is quite simple. So, how does plumbing work?  It’s driven by gravity where water seeks to find its own level.  The other element to plumbing is pressure, which allows water to enter your home.  Every plumbing system is made up of two unique subsystems. One of these systems brings fresh water into your home while the other removes wastewater.  Pressure is necessary to bring water into the home and that pressure allows water to reach upstairs bathrooms, sinks, showers, etc.

Is There a Difference Between Homes on Septic or Sewer Service?

It doesn’t matter whether your home is on a septic system or city sewer system.  Essentially both systems work in the same manner.  Water coming into the home requires pressure, while wastewater leaving the house doesn’t require pressure.  Instead, gravity is used to help this wastewater move along to the sewer system or septic tank.

Hot and Cold Running Water

The water that enters your home under pressure is ready for your immediate use.  However, if you want hot water, another step is required.  Some of the water that enters your home from the main system makes its way to your home’s water heater.  The hot water heater is on a thermostat that keeps the water temperature constant based on your personal settings.  For most homes the temperature is kept between 140 degrees F and 160 degrees F.  Other than the temperature, the water that comes from your hot water heater travels through your plumbing system just as cold water does.

The Need for Vents, Traps, and Clean Outs

Modern plumbing wouldn’t function without the presence of vents, traps and cleanouts.  Vents, (those pipes that you can see coming from your roof), allow air to enter your drainpipes.  Without that air present, that creates a siphoning effect, wastewater could not flow from your home into the sewer or septic system.  Traps are also an essential part of modern plumbing.  A trap is found under every sink or plumbing fixture in your home.  This S-shaped curved section of pipe allows water to exit the S-curve but allows some water to stay in the trap.  This water barrier forms a seal that prevents unpleasant sewer gasses from entering your home though the drains.  Cleanout are often found in kitchen sinks or other fixtures where grease, or hair may tend to gather causing a blockage.  These clean outs trap grease and hair and provide easy access to remove any blockage that occurs over time.

Why Choose The Clean Plumbers?

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