Can High Water Pressure Be a Bad Thing?

Turning on your faucet or hopping in the shower and only getting a mild trickle of water flow can be extremely annoying.  Everyone at some time has experienced the effects of low water pressure.  Perhaps it’s caused by widespread use of your neighborhood sprinklers or the fire department using a hydrant nearby.  Usually this is temporary.  But what about high water pressure?  While it might make for a great shower it’s not necessarily a good thing if the water pressure in your home is too high.

What Are Common Indications of High Water Pressure?

The easiest way to determine if you might have high water pressure is just observing the water flow from your faucets or shower head.  If you turn on a faucet and hear a loud banging noise, also referred to as a water hammer, this is an indicator of high water pressure.  You can obtain a pressure gauge from any plumbing store or major hardware store.  By attaching this to a faucet or any outlet hose near your homes water meter you can measure the pressure in the water lines.  Normal pressure is around 80 PSI.  Anything higher than that and you should take steps to reduce your water pressure.

What Are the Negative Effects of High Water Pressure?

Most homes plumbing systems aren’t designed to handle water pressure over 80 PSI.  This is especially true of older homes built in the 70’s and 80’s or before.  Over time this puts a strain on the pipes and connectors that can lead to water leaks and pin hole leaks.  Not only will this cause higher water bills, but it can lead to extensive damage to your home.  Water leaking in your home can ruin walls, floors, carpeting, cabinetry and more.  Major appliances like your water heater, dish washer, and washing machine can also experience stress that can lead to damage and a shortened lifespan.

What is the best remedy?

If you’ve taken the steps to determine if your water pressure seems higher than normal, the best solution is to contact a plumbing professional.  They can confirm if your homes water pressure is indeed higher than normal and solve the problem with the installation of a pressure regulator on the main water line.  The regulator, as the name implies will decrease the flow of water into your home and maintain water pressure at acceptable levels.  Water pressure can always fluctuate due to periods of high use where pressure may be lower than normal.  Living in an area where there may be taller buildings may cause your local water department to keep the pressure higher to accommodate moving the water to higher floors.  Regardless if this is an intermittent of constant problem you should not ignore it.  Regulators are cost effective, will reduce potential damage to your homes water system and reduce your water bill.

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