The Most Common Toilet Issues 

Here’s What You Need to Know

Toilets routinely require some simple maintenance to keep them running efficiently.  The benefit to having your home’s toilets working properly is that you’re going to save money on your water bill.  Leaking toilets can waste hundreds of gallons of water.  Highlighted below are the most common issues you will experience with your toilets and how to address them

It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet Flapper

We’ve all been witness to “the phantom flush”.  When your toilet seems to cut on and off by itself.  More often than not this is caused by a bad flapper or flapper seal that isn’t working properly.  The good news is this is an easy fix for even the novice Do It Yourselfer.  Turn of the water source and drain the tank.  Flappers can be purchased at any large box store or plumbing supply store.  After cleaning the seal remove the old flapper and replace with a new one.  Refill the tank and your toilet should now function properly.

Hissing Sounds

If you hear hissing sounds coming from your toilet the likely cause is water trickling into your toilet’s tank through the supply line.  One possible cause could be the toilet float is getting stuck.  Examine the float and make any necessary adjustments so that it can move freely.  You will also want to check the refill tube.  If the refill tube is inserted too far into the overflow tube, you’ll want to raise it to a higher level.  If this doesn’t eliminate the hissing, then you should replace the ballcock assembly.


If you’re toilet becomes clogged the most common procedure to fix would be to use a plunger.  If, however your toilet continues to clog it could mean you have a more serious problem.  We recommend contacting a reputable plumber to inspect the plumbing.  It could be there are more serious issues in your pipes causing backups.

Weak Flush

When the toilet bowl empties very slowly the cause will likely be clogged holes under the rim of the bowl.  Try to unclog these holes by using a piece of wire.  A coat hangar works well for this and you will want to insert the coat hangar into each flush hole to push out and remove any debris that is blocking the flush hole.

Broken Seals

Your toilet has several seals, all of which are susceptible to leaking.  The main seal is also the largest and is the wax seal mounted on a plastic flange beneath the toilet base.  A leaking wax seal will result in water emerging from underneath the toilet base.  This can not only be messy but can cause damage to your flooring.  Replacing the wax seal requires the water supply be shut off and the toilet removed.  Clean the area where the old wax seal was as thoroughly as possible before replacing with a fresh seal.  If you determine that the plastic flange is damaged, you would be better served by calling a plumber.  There are also smaller seals where the mounting bolts are located and where the ballcock assembly is attached to the toilet tank.  You should be able to determine if these are leaking by running your fingers over the bottom of the seal.

If you ever need a professional to resolve toilet problems in your home or business, call the professionals at The Clean Plumbers for plumbing solutions you can count on.