Avoid Plumbing Issues When Buying a Home

Follow These Tips and Save Yourself Future Headaches

With interest rates at historic lows, there’s never been a better time to buy a home.  With that said, purchasing an older home could have you inheriting plumbing problems that the seller may not reveal or be aware of.  You’d be surprised at how many homeowners experience plumbing problems within the first year of buying their home.  Here are three tips to follow when home shopping that could save you money and aggravation.

  • Home inspections rarely include a sewer line inspection: In retrospect this isn’t that shocking. The equipment needed to properly inspect sewer lines, video camera snakes, is extremely expensive.  Most home inspectors will not have the means to invest in such equipment.  With that said, you may want to consider paying for a video sewer line inspection.  While these can run as high as $500, you may be grateful you did before buying.
  • Sellers are not required to disclose past plumbing problems: If the home you are considering purchasing is 12 to 15 years old and you can determine if the water heater is original. If that’s the case, you can expect to have to replace it within a year or two at the latest.  If the home is more than 20 or 25 years old, it’s possible the pipe is probably not PVC and could be cast iron.  Cast iron pipes eventually lead to problems.  Nothing withstands wear and tear like PVC.  If pipes are cast iron, you can likely expect problems from low water pressure to burst pipes.  If the property has lots of trees, you can expect that roots may have already intruded on the pipes.  This can lead to expensive repairs.
  • Lastly, inspect the major appliances: Look at the hook ups to certain appliances like dishwashers, clothes washers, hot water heaters, etc. Look for signs of water leaks, damaged connections or potential weak spots in the lines.  Having a plumber do a thorough inspection is even better.  This will help you avoid future water damage issues and problems that could affect your property value.

We hope you never have a plumbing emergency.  To avoid plumbing issues when buying a home, following these tips will prevent that.  Regardless of what the reason, if you need the services of a professional plumber, we hope you will call or contact The Clean Plumbers.