Just like any appliance in your home your garbage disposal has a life span.  How you treat it will determine whether its life span is long or short.  Perhaps you just purchased your home and you’ve inherited someone else’s problem.  Below are 5 signs it’s probably time to think about replacing your garbage disposal.

  1. Does your garbage disposal seem to clog up more than it works properly? Do you find yourself hunting for the garbage disposal key to manually crank the blades, so you can unclog your drain?  If this sounds like you, it’s time to replace it with a new one.  It could also mean you’re overworking your garbage disposal.  When you do replace consider getting a model that’s larger than the one you replace.  It may cost a little more, but it will handle the job better and last longer.
  2. Do food particles you wash down the drain seem to take forever to grind? If you must run your garbage disposal longer and longer each time you use it, it’s probably a sure sign the blades are becoming dull and it needs replacing.  Garbage disposals won’t last forever but by minimizing the amount of food waste you ask it to grind you’ll get more life from your unit.
  3. All garbage disposals will eventually fail. If you notice leaks at the bottom of your garbage disposal that is an indication there is a crack on the inside of the unit.  This is not unusual and is a sign of normal wear and tear or just old age.  Leaks are a potential bigger problem.  If you see this, bite the bullet and replace your garbage disposal before you have a bigger more expensive problem to deal with.
  4. Garbage disposals have a reset button on the bottom of the unit. If your garbage disposal shuts off often requiring, you to constantly hit the reset button it’s time to replace.  What this indicates is that you’ve tripped the circuit breaker and hitting the reset button will restore power to the unit.  This is a sign that the motor is going bad and it should be replaced.
  5. When you turn on your garbage disposal and it hums but there is no action within the disposal, the motor has locked up. No amount of cranking the garbage disposal key will get it to work properly.  This is another sign it’s time to replace your unit.

If you need a new garbage disposal and this isn’t a home plumbing project you feel comfortable tackling, or you’re faced with a major plumbing problem, call the professionals at The Clean Plumbers for plumbing solutions you can count on.