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July 22, 2015
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July 22, 2015

Garbage Disposal Repair

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, your garbage disposal is an invaluable asset. In fact, you probably use it so often that you forget how valuable it really is. If you notice that your garbage disposal isn’t working as well as usual, or being extremely noisy, call The Clean Plumbers right away. We provide professional, high-quality garbage disposal repairs to residents of Tampa, FL; Odessa, FL; and Trinity, FL. You can trust us to offer the best in garbage disposal service.

Garbage Disposal Problems

When your garbage disposal malfunctions, trust a professional with our team to take care of your garbage disposal plumbing tasks. A few issues that require a professional repair include:

  • A disposal that doesn’t turn on, which is usually caused by a fault in the electrical connection
  • Dull or broken blades that no longer cut up food waste
  • A clogged or dirty disposal that causes water to back up in the sink and leaves a foul smell in your kitchen
  • Leaking pipes under the disposal, which indicate loose or broken fixtures

These problems often require an advanced understanding of how the garbage disposal connects to the rest of the house. While you can certainly keep the disposal clean and in good condition on your own, issues like broken blades—which may require a garbage disposal replacement—are safest if left to experts.

The Clean Plumber Guarantee

Our team of professional plumbers take the needs of our clients seriously. You don’t need to worry about one of our employees showing up at an inconvenient time—we keep in touch with you throughout the day to let you know when we’ll be arriving. We’re careful to not leave a mess while we’re working, and we promise to clean up after ourselves using our own equipment.

Whether you need garbage disposal installation or repair in the Tampa Bay, FL area, contact us using our 24/7 service line.

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