The Clean Plumbers Poem


The Clean Plumbers Poem

Last night I met a plumber in my dream, but this wasn't any plumber, this plumber was clean!

I had no worry he'd track the carpet with some mysterious plumber's goo--you see he placed a clean bootie over first his left and then right shoe.

He arrived on time to work on the problem at hand, something deep in the pipes was causing my water to stand!

There was no last minute increase in fees; not once or even twice, he gave me a quote in advance, what he called an "Up Front Price."

My drain was soon running free, "You'll like our work", he stated, "It's our 100% satisfaction guarantee!"

I awoke the next day to learn it wasn't a dream, he really was here!

Next time your plumbing needs service, give The Clean Plumbers a call--there's nothing to fear!

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